Your Plea Options After A DUI

If you are charged with a DUI, you may consider the different plea options available to you. Often, people who face DUI charges plea no contest to the allegations, which can help them avoid a lawsuit and potentially other consequences associated with pleading guilty. When is it a good idea to take a no contest plea? If you are facing a felony DUI, you might wonder what your options are. These are the different kinds of pleas you might consider if you face trial. [Read More]

Gone In An Instant: What To Know About License Suspensions And DWI

All states take a firm stand on driving while intoxicated (DWI). This is one of those offenses that used to be considered minor and an arrest seldom garnered much punishment. Today, the consequences are far more serious. Losing the ability to legally operate a vehicle can have a definite impact on many, and that is one consequence of a DWI that happens very quickly. Read on to find out more. [Read More]

Getting Divorced? Find Out If You Need A QDRO

If you're like most people, you got married "for better or worse," and never expected to end up divorced. Since you were in the marriage for the long-haul, you and your spouse acted like a team when it came to putting money aside for retirement. Now that things have changed, however, all of that retirement money has to be split -- and it isn't an issue that can wait until you're older. [Read More]

Why Character Rarely Factors Into Criminal Cases

When a person stands accused of a crime, it's not unusual for them to want to make assertions about how good their character is. For this reason, it might seem surprising when you sit down with a criminal defense attorney to learn that they're usually not interested in character questions at all. There are, however, several important reasons a criminal attorney chooses to address allegations this way. It's About What the Prosecution Can Prove [Read More]