How Can I Get My OWI Charges Dismissed?

When you've been charged with drunk driving, there's always the chance that the OWI charges could be dropped or dismissed. There are a number of potential mistakes by the police or prosecutors you can try to take advantage of, or you can use processes in the legal system to your advantage. Pre-Trial Diversion In some cases, you may qualify for pre-trial diversion programs, which give you a chance to avoid jail and probation. [Read More]

Have You Lost Your Right To Drive? What To Know

You can be driving without a care in the world one minute and have your right to drive snatched away in the next. What many people take for granted as a right is really more of a privilege that can be lost when things go wrong. To find out more about losing and taking back your right to drive legally, read on. What Causes a Loss of Driving Privileges? Serious traffic-related offenses can lead to a loss of driving privileges. [Read More]

Getting to the Bottom of Domestic Assault Charges

Domestic violence is one of the most difficult issues people face today. Often, these types of charges are the result of two people living in one home or with some relationship with each other. Assault can occur alongside ongoing abuse, but in other cases, it occurs less frequently. These are some facts everybody needs to know about domestic assault charges and hiring a helpful attorney. Why Might Somebody Face Domestic Assault Charges? [Read More]

3 Useful Facts About Criminal Record Expungement

Everyone makes mistakes. Unfortunately, some mistakes can result in an arrest for criminal activity. Having a criminal record can be detrimental to your future. You may lose out on employment or housing opportunities if you have a criminal record. Expungement is an option for most people looking to wipe their slate clean and eliminate a criminal background. The more you know about the expungement process, the better prepared you will be to take advantage of this service when trying to clear your own criminal record in the future. [Read More]